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 History Of Kung Fu San Soo

    Chinese systematic warfare predates the arrival of the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma who is thought to be the founder of Kung-Fu. Pre-defined combat techniques were developed thousands of years ago by various cultures and were passed down through oration and pictograph.

    Kung Fu San Soo is a direct result of the refinement, organization and documentation of this ancient knowledge by the monks of the Kwan-Yin Monastery in the village of Pon Hong, Guang Dong Province of Southern China.

    Jimmy's Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Leoung Kick, was an orphan raised at the Qwan-Yin monastery in Pong Hong, Cantaon, China. In his early 30's, he decided to leave the monastery and take with him two of the Buddhist training texts which probably date back to the late 1500's. These two books have been in the Chin family for many generations, and are the source of all forms and techniques taught to Jimmy H. Woo and by Jimmy H. Woo to all his American students.

    In the 1930's, Jimmy left mainland China under the pass port of Jimmy H. Woo and lived in Chinatown, Los Angeles during his earlier years. Among many odd jobs, he acted as protection, and enforcer for residents and business owners of the area. He then started teaching privately to close relatives and friends, and later became the instructor at a local social/ recreational organization called the Cousin Club.

    In 1959 Jimmy H. Woo opened the head studio in El Monte, California. Retiring in 1984 Jimmy became Grandmaster, when his Grandson earned his black belt in 1984. Jimmy continued to teach an instructor's class on the first and third Saturday of each month until his passing on February 14, 1991.


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